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Ousama Ranking (王様ランキング, Ōsama Rankingu) is a Japanese web manga series written and Illustrated by Sousuke Tooka. It has been serialized online on Manga Hack website since May 2017. It was adapted into an anime series in 2021 by WIT Studio.


Bojji is a deaf, powerless prince who cannot even wield a child's sword. As the firstborn son, he strives hard and dreams of becoming the world's greatest king. However, people mutter about how he is too incompetent to become the king.

Undeterred, Bojji is able to make his first ever friend, "Kage" (shadow) — a literal shadow on the ground who somehow understands Bojji well. (Kage is a survivor of the Kage assassin clan that was all but wiped out. No longer a killer, Kage now makes ends meet by stealing.) The story follows Bojji's coming-of-age as he meets various people in his life, starting with his fateful encounter with Kage.

Bonus Chapters

Each print volume of Ousama Ranking includes at least one bonus chapter. The first two bonus chapters function as remakes of earlier main-story chapters, with improved artwork and expanded page counts. Later bonus chapters began delving into character histories and lore, often providing critical background information.

Some of these bonus chapters include:

  • Bonus Chapter 1 (untitled) - An expanded version of Bosse and Sheena's first meeting.
  • Bonus Chapter 2 (untitled) - An expanded version of Bojji and Kage's first meeting.
  • "Those Who Smile Will Be Blessed With Good Fortune And Happiness" - A flashback chapter about Bebin, and his path to the Big Four.
  • "A New Vow" - A flashback chapter about Bojji's years of attempted training with Domas.
  • "A Safe Haven" - An interlude during Bojji's training under Despa, showing a particular day of training.
  • "Immortality" - A background chapter about the princes of the Underworld, and their revolution against their father, the god Satun.
  • "Poise of the Toxic Forest" - A side story showing the current whereabouts of Countess Poise, the young noblewoman of the Bo Kingdom who helped Kage escape.


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